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I didn’t want to say it was an emergency but I do need some help, it’s already hard having to type this out without feeling really guilty for sounding whiney…… but this past week I took a lot of time off from work due to health reasons and I’m in dire need to get some money together. With how quick the move happened a lot of my money reserves have been depleted and I am currently grasping for pennies… With bills being due and rent needing to be paid and also on top of that replacing my tires (which are about ready to pop) I am doing my best to not pull my hair out. So I am opening up semi-emergency headshot/bust commissions… I know I still owe a lot of others my first set of commissions but I don’t have ample enough time to pour myself into them given my current situation…. but I do plan on getting to them soon when this is leveled out…. believe me, I am trying so hard for some calm…Here are some examples of what the headshot/Busts will look like:





They will be a lot cleaner of course….

I will be opening up 10 slots and each head shot will be $20 and busts will be $30.. I will try my best to knock out two a night or more… And if I can get through them at a decent pace, I’ll open up another round….

So if you’re interested please email me @ or note me here if not it’s okay, times are rough… but if possible please boost…

Thanks for reading and I’m sorry for any inconvenience this is…..

Thank you again,


Opening up 5 extra slots for this. Please email me if interested….

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FYI there’s a lot of dragon age fanart reposted on this website that i recognize (me, bittersiha, adaarnit, pheberoni, ellyshepard, chieflachief, orisoni, basically everything on tumblr). all of it is credited, but i still feel like people have a right to know where their art is being put up without their knowledge.

Signal boost, and just a warning—there are a few extremely whitewashed (like, blonde haired, blue eyed) Vivienne and Josephine pieces up there.

FYI, this isn’t just art, they have cosplayers in here too. teadrunktailor, a LOT of your Loghain is in here, for one. eelrak's Morrigan. Oh hey look, and ton of mine too. RAD. X(

Does anyone happen to know how to actually report content through this thing?

FYI, guys, you have to actually make an account through this website to actually report copyright violations. You can’t even report photos as spam, harassment, or any other kind of abuse (interestingly enough there is no copyright violation option per photo) until you have an account.

You can use mostly fake information, and then provide the real stuff in the report (I made it pretty clear that I was furious that I even had to sign up for their service in order to send them any kind of report).

For the curious, you can report copyright claims HERE.

(I only sent my earliest about a half-hour ago, so I can’t speak for how quick they are to respond, if they do at all).

I would also avoid auto-translating any of the comments if you can help it. They’re heinous.

(Also: eelrak, azimedes, kokorokristin, shnouaicosu, blatsuura, mrbob0822, captainallegra, hemisphere, saroux, punishedprops, love-squad, hell anyone who is/was a semi-notable Dragon Age cosplayer should probably take note of this 100% stolen cosplay gallery.)

so much for not auto-translating the comments, loloops. worst idea, don’t do that

but yeah, there’s a lot of us and our work on here; if you’ve posted a picture that’s DA-related, it’s most likely going to show up. i recognise things from cghub and deviantart as well


i accidentally ordered some binders that dont fit; but they were really cheap so im willing to give them away for free if you can pay for shipping to your location (i live in Virginia in the US)

i would PREFER to give them to nb/transguys but if youre an interested cis cosplayer, give me your contact info and i’ll give u second dibs

also if you could signal boost this that would be REALLY nice<3



I’m opening up commissions again! Mostly because I need monies for games. Because of a certain someone I’m now a proud owner of a Wii U buuuut lack the money to buy any of the cool shiny games for it. SO! Each portrait costs 15 € and there will be 15 open slots for now. If you’re interested, just hit me up on and we’ll get started :)

Yup, opening up commissions again! :)



I’m opening up commissions again!
Mostly because I need monies for games. Because of a certain someone I’m now a proud owner of a Wii U buuuut lack the money to buy any of the cool shiny games for it.

Each portrait costs 15 € and there will be 15 open slots for now.

If you’re interested, just hit me up on and we’ll get started :)

Yup, opening up commissions again! :)


Need Help Buying a Car for After Graduation

Hi! My name is Siona, and I live in the great city of Columbus, Ohio, and I’m going to school here too. In case you don’t follow me and don’t know my background, I have pursued an associate’s in science as I study Graphic Design; this’ll also make me the first person in my immediate family to graduate college! I have big hopes of joining a firm someday.

But my immediate need is for a vehicle that can help me succeed in my field once I graduate.

As anyone in Columbus will tell you, getting from place to place without a car can be difficult. We have a bus system, COTA, but it does not reach everywhere and the bus lines can be problematic. Just to get to my school takes an hour long bus ride; to get to my internship is 4 hours every day. The only way I am able to get to my weekend job that has been supporting me through college is with my roommate’s car, thanks to her kindness, but three people sharing the same car has been a huge strain on our schedules, gas, and the poor car itself.

On August 9th, I will be graduating. I will be seeking full-time employment as I begin to pay for my school loans. My part-time job has offered to give me full-time hours, which is a blessing.

But not having a car means that my options are extremely limited because many possible employment places will be in parts of the city that offer no bus routes or, at best, hours and hours away from where I live. As well, my current job only offers near minimum wage, meaning that I will be so busy paying for bills and rent and monthly bus money that saving up for a car on my own wages will be nearly impossible.

So with this, I am asking for the kindness of others to help me save up $2000, either to buy a used car or to gather a down payment for one. Nothing fancy, nothing new, something to get me from point A to point B as I work on getting my life on track.

All money donated will go towards a savings account I am setting aside explicitly to save for a car. Any extra funds past my goal will be put towards any repairs it might need, as well as getting plates and other necessities.

Any and all reblogs or signal boosts are so, so appreciated!

Just a quick update on this, but I have $150 from three great people already through this, and $280 through paypal, putting me at $430, almost 1/4th of my goal! Every little bit helps, and I have 60 more days to go. TY for spreading the word if you can’t donate.


I beefed it on trying to post last time, but my queue is clearing up, so I’m opening up commissions again. I’m not in a serious state of emergency at the moment, but my sister and I will be moving at the end of next month and it’d be great to definitely have the funds to afford movers and help my sister pay off the rest of her bills.

$10 bust ($2 for color, half price for additional characters)


$ 15 Waist/Thigh-ups ($5 for colors, $8 for additional characters)


$20 full bodies ($10 for colors, $15 for additional characters)


Outfit designs/line ups starting at $30



Cutesy Simple Animations starting at $9 per character


You are also free to browse my blog for other things you may be interested in.
Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the character, but is open to negotiation.

If you are interested, please email me at: with references ready.

To those that are waiting on revised commissions, I will also have yours out as soon as possible.

Any all all help will be greatly appreciated!



Hey guys! For the first time in a long, long time I am opening up commissions for an indefinite time! My financial situation is looking pretty dire, and I really need be bringing more money in to pay for my rent and student loans. These prices are way more than half my going freelance rate!


  • Paypal only, please!
  • 25 commission slots at this time.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • All illustrations will be completed digitally and will be delivered as 300 DPI PNGs.
  • Please contact me at Tumblr asks will be ignored!

Please consider commissioning me, or reblogging to your friends and followers to spread the word!

Thanks so much! ♥

reblogging this again bc i have slots open and need to pay rent!! aaa!

May 14, 2014
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I’m opening up commissions again, but this time I will be prioritizing full body cel shade (still $150) requests because I kinda need to buy the rest of these parts and make sure it all works before the 30 day returns thing expires >_> I really thought this through. Still accepting other types of requests but the bigger ones will be done first this time.

As usual the updates page is here


April 24, 2014
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So here’s the deal.

Thanks to one of my brother’s incredible lack of good judgment, my family is now financially in the hole. I can’t say much about what led to this situation without making my parents angry for oversharing, but we currently don’t have money to

  • pay for groceries
  • pay for my parents’ medications (and mine)
  • pay for repairs to my dad’s car
  • pay our phone bill and cable bill for the month
  • pay the mortgage on the house for the month

My dad does not get paid for at least another week, and my mom was recently put on pay restrictions by eBay (despite a fairly perfect record) because she got 2 negative reviews in the last couple months. She gets released payments as things are delivered to people—it would do nothing but help her if she got more positive reviews.

So, the solution to our financial troubles and my mom’s eBay troubles:  signal boost this around and see if you want to buy something from my mom’s [very large] eBay store. She’s always having sales, and she’s a very reliable correspondent if you have any questions about the things she sells. (However, please do not contact my mother asking her if you can send her money. She has stated that she would outright refuse and would prefer if someone bought something instead.)