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istg that mall i think is the only place ive seen an orange julius in the wild now in that food court :P

the rare and elusive orange julius

i know of two others: one in a nearly-derelict mall back in my hometown (the only one it has, of course) and one in the butt-huge mall my mom works in down here

it is now merged with the queens of dairy, so you can get blizzards with your smoothies

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:/ that’s when u basically unfollow until they’re done :/ sucks but that’s kind of discourteous

LMAO i just feel bad about it because they follow me too and post nice things but like

they never tag anything and it’s spoiled me so bad for things i was actually looking forward to

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eau de baaaaaa, the new fragrance for 2013

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To be fair it sounds like a visual description and not an olfactory one.

the answer is ‘vaguely gold-coloured’

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cashmere is goat wool so it’s like the musk of a goat shining in the sunlight?

well then apparently i like the smell of warmed goat musk

u heard it here first

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i’m pretty sure i followed one person who is an artist at google but i forgot their name. Also it’s usually nda or work for hire stuff if they can’t disclose etc

probably jennifer hom, i’m pretty sure

and yeah, that makes sense

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have you seen moffles?…

that is the cutest kitchen appliance i’ve ever seen

i’m not super into mochi either but i’d be willing to give it a shot

regeener replied to your post: “my teeth have been killing me to the point of it not even being my…”:
you should probably go to like a dental college or something and get that checked since teeth pains/infections can get serious sometimes :(

raptorix replied to your post: “my teeth have been killing me to the point of it not even being my…”:

If you can, get that checked out. It may be a cavity that got to a nerve and you might need a root canal.

it’s a tooth that had a root canal but the dentist that capped it off did a terrible job of it so it came back out and, since the tooth was already drilled the fuck out, any further decay just gets that much worse

my teeth have been a huge problem throughout my life thanks to a rather life-threatening sickness i came down with and was hospitalised for as a toddler

tl;dr i’m probably going to have dentures by the time i’m 40

goddessofcheese replied to your post: “cause i mean ????? i am notoriously indecisive and don’t even…”:
LMFAO Bali omg
when i’m not sure about something trivial like this my first response is Make A List
which is why i’m practically a loaded money baron in most games
regeener replied to your post: “cause i mean ????? i am notoriously indecisive and don’t even…”:
my first inquisitor is gonna be named PANTY SHIELD and he’s gonna be a male qunari

anaan esaam panties

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the fredrick douglas one is my favorite

aahaha awwww

also oh man cutie don cheadle

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Aww bb :( if you can’t make it, make sure to tell me so I don’t hold onto your passes before I leave? :( I hope u have a place to stay and transportation up :(

i really really want to go, it’s just getting those two things down for sure that’s stressing me out so bad

i need to have a sitdown with the household tonight and really discuss this because i feel like there are different conversations going on that one person or the other isn’t a part of


fingers crossed