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anadalusjack replied to your post: I’m going to romance Solas last just t…

LOOKS LIKE HE GETS THE GREEN HAND OF HIS DREAMS. “May I have your hand…?” “Solas no.”

regeener said: cruel mistress

regeener said: doooooood an LA trip is in order in the not-so-distant future

i wannaaaaaa

i’ve never been in california proper, i’d love to come visit *u*

regeener said: you CAN go in costume tho at designated hours during Halloween for those events only but what people do a lot is Disney-Bound which is like casual disney cosplay that still looks like street clothes, usually on dapper day (not disney sanctioned)

these i knew also!

i know a lot about the disney parks, i’ve just never—actually—been to one ;u;

regeener said: reverse image search and see if it’s anywhere in a larger format?

turned up nothing, alas alack 8<

(also ty for the link for GoT the other day)

keith david is tuxedo mask


haaaa. i’m finally going back through boxes i’ve kept packed up since we moved, and i found a bunch of cards from you guys over the years. holidays, birthdays…the occasional random sten diana would send me…

when geena sent me tea because i was sick, when mree always sent me neat holiday boxes. the giftbox txen drew on when she sent me cookies. cards from raptorix, jack, cheese, duckie….so many of you!

i’m getting overwhelmed with all the things i have to go through, but it’s nice to get these sweet little reminders of people that i love. <3

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istg that mall i think is the only place ive seen an orange julius in the wild now in that food court :P

the rare and elusive orange julius

i know of two others: one in a nearly-derelict mall back in my hometown (the only one it has, of course) and one in the butt-huge mall my mom works in down here

it is now merged with the queens of dairy, so you can get blizzards with your smoothies

regeener replied to your post: lmao, all the biggest tho…

:/ that’s when u basically unfollow until they’re done :/ sucks but that’s kind of discourteous

LMAO i just feel bad about it because they follow me too and post nice things but like

they never tag anything and it’s spoiled me so bad for things i was actually looking forward to

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eau de baaaaaa, the new fragrance for 2013

upsettingshorts replied to your post: it’s winter (well, late a…

To be fair it sounds like a visual description and not an olfactory one.

the answer is ‘vaguely gold-coloured’

regeener replied to your post: “it’s winter (well, late autumn) and suddenly everything in my house is…”:

cashmere is goat wool so it’s like the musk of a goat shining in the sunlight?

well then apparently i like the smell of warmed goat musk

u heard it here first