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normanee replied to your post: ….realisation movies/series in which sean bean…

Mirror, Mirror?

was what prompted me to make that post in the first place

absolutely none of the reviews i’ve seen for it like that movie

edit: oh wait wrong thing 


Thinking about it!

normanee replied to your post: Anonymous asked you:  Jeanne Cullen…

BALI Post the sketch!

I did! ….Like eight months ago!

(I went sifting through my archives and found it here)

A few people replied to the ‘call for prompts’ post instead of hitting up my ask box and I didn’t notice so I decided to write ‘em all in one go. Then I’m going back to the ask box for the ones there. |D

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goddessofcheese replied to your post: So do you ship anyone specific with Sten? XD

They would blow up from sheer Philosophical Broodiness O_O

I know, right? That’d be a pretty intense thinktank. Like…wow. It’s kind of blowing my mind a little just thinking about it.

 normanee replied to your postSo do you ship anyone specific with Sten? XD

Alas, no ME, but I can work on very imaginative self-loving, if you don’t mind me using Jeanne again. XD



And a few people asked, so I’ll start off by saying: I’m 20 today! Or I will be, at 4pm officially. Mmyup.

This is everyone who didn’t include a request in their message—if you didn’t and I don’t see you, please let me know, I don’t want to miss anybody!

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normanee asked you: 

Jeanne, what got you and Cullen together in the first place? Was it his ruggish good looks or his pure heart? <3