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Cutting this because hoo boy I have a lot of fangirl screaming to do.

^ Me, for most of today.

So I went into PAX today and headed up to the BioWare booth, where they happened to be doing Q&A on DA2! Then I stuck around a while, as they said they were going to be doing a trivia contest shortly afterwards.

WELP. The first time I was picked, I opted for the Mike-Laidlaw-Ridiculous-Top-Of-The-Head-Question-How-Do-I-Answer: What was the name of the house where the Qunari landed in Kirkwall before they landed there? ….UHHHH…I had no idea! But apparently it was the House of Tides.

LATER ON, during the finals, they had a lot of interchanging between finalists—a lot of people couldn’t get the answers! (They would add a new prize to the pot whenever a question was answered right, then if one person got one wrong and the other got it right, they won the pot.) Finally I managed to get my hand up to answer a question neither of the finalists had gotten: Who was Garrus’ voice actor? (Brandon Keener, natch.)

Then there was ‘What musical duo is Mordin’s favourite?’ (Gilbert and Sullivan) THEN. Then. The other girl got, ‘Who was the Knight-Commander of the Circle in Ferelden?’ She didn’t know, but GOOD LORD I was bouncing all over the place. Greagoir helped me win. TEMPLAR DISCUSSIONS DO HELP.

So I won:


 (not a v-neck)


and two of

 (after fighting with twitter for them for how long?)



AND A FAST-PASS TO PLAY MASS EFFECT 3, putting me in the front of the line of people who’d been waiting there for hours. 6__9 (I kind of wanted to punch myself in the face, whoops)

But it was like…INTENSE. So intense, oh my god. Literally cannot wait for next March.

Aaaand I didn’t get to hang out with Jak much today (she was doing her Sassy Gay Hawke), but I did get to pal around with Cherith for a while! And she was brilliant.

And the Dragon Age panel was amazing

Now let’s see if I can sleep at all for one more round of madness tomorrow!

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    I’m SO GLAD we got to hang out this weekend. And SO JEALOUS for all the cool shit you won while I was off at an...
  2. raptorix said: NOW I AM SUPER JEALOUS THAT THEY NEVER DID A TRIVIA CONTEST LIKE THIS AT SDCC BECAUSE I’D NAIL IT. How’d you like the demo? :D (Which class did you play as??)
  3. captainhooves said: Aaaaw, that’s too cool! 8D
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    Holy fuck, that was you?! I watched that trivia session live and NAFEHNFJWEHAWFIOEGS, congratulations!
  5. theivorytowercrumbles said: That is so goddamn cool beyond words. Best conswag and prizes ever. :DDDD
  6. regeener said: OMG LUCKYPANTS! :D
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    oh my god sweetie, I’m so happy for you!!! this is amazing asdsasdf you are so lucky and I hope you have more awesome...
  8. rudimentree said: oh man sounds like an awesome time, congrats on the win!
  9. queenmorinth said: You have all my jealousy. ALL OF IT. You will be swagging around in those t-shirts like a boss, I am sure.
  10. crevan-grietje said: Oh My Gosh That All Sounds So Fun And Amazing! Omg :D :D :D I’m So Glad You Had Fun! Wish I Could Of Seen You Answer All Those Questions! Holy Damn That’s Alot Of Merchandise You Won There * o *
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