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commanderbishoujo replied to your post: jeeeeesus groceries are expensive

i knew i was an actual adult when I legit got excited over a sale on meat at the grocery store

a 4-pack of sweet rolls was 82 cents instead of the usual 1.09 and i almost cried

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    Lol. All of yall are so right!
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    Raspberries on sale for a dollar? Clearly I need to buy 8 packs and put them in the freezer so they last….
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    Don’t let me see some good shit on the discount bread cart. Eggs drop ten cents? ON. IT.
  4. mygoodrabbit said: ah, adulthood. I practically pee myself when coconut milk is less than 3 bucks a can
  5. sephiramy said: My roomies and I make a lot of stew-based stuff since you can do it in large batches for cheap, and you should see our mid-aisle victory dances when broth or consumme etc. gets down to under a buck.
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