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Headcanon feels are the worst feels right now

And I can’t stop sketching

(I blame Cheese because most of these ideas are hers)

(sketches + thoughts under the cut)

First up: brief snippet that might have taken place between Javik and Cae. I know there’s been a few people that have observed how much the protheans and drell seem to look alike (so many theories to go along with that), and…yup.

Secondly, and this idea/dialogue is totally Cheese’s fault: instead of the little kid presenting the Catalyst at the end, why not someone who would have had an easier time trying to manipulate Shepard into a choice—like a close friend, or LI? In this case being the very dead LI. Evil.

You guys I can’t stop drawing these things and I am probably going to be stuck on this loop for a while so I’m preemptively apologising now

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