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i’ve been RPing with a friend i did RP with years ago for the past few months

and in the story we’ve been working on since we joined up again, our characters just kissed for the first time

i feel so accomplished and that sounds stupid but i don’t care because IT FEELS GREAT

p.s. that whole thing was an f plus quote

just thought i’d clarify since a couple people went “you got fired??” 

yes i did get fired, but i also watched stop, my ass is haunted

who’s the idiot now

oh god

i prodded audrey out of her nap and she just stared at me sleepily with her tongue poking out for a few seconds

cue me going DON’T STICK IT IN I GOTTA GET A PICTURE like three times

naturally she yawns when i grab my phone and thus sticks her tongue back in

damn it



I need safety goggles

so gentle

asryakino said: oh wheeeeere is my hairbrush?

my mother legit sings that line at me every time she can manage it

istg sometimes she takes the brush from my bathroom just as an excuse to do it

bechnokid: Omg thank you for the VeggieTales reference in the "good pirate" post lajfsdg

i can fire off veggie tales references without even thinking about it tbh

i just don’t do it very often, lmao

kitkatpurrpurr: okay wow me and my best friend watched shrek 3 earlier what does this mean


slimmeroo said: im watching shrek right now

is this also my fault


i’m holdin’ out for a hero ‘til the end of the niiiight